Union education

Apprentices are required to attend a minimum of 204 hours of classtime per year. The classes are held at the apprenticeship school and training facility located at 5600 Dividend Road, Suite B, Indianapolis, IN 46241. Class content includes: structural steel, reinforcing, sheeting, welding, burning, safety, trade math, fabrication, and drawings and layouts. Classes are taught on Saturdays (entire day – 8 hours – beginning at 8a). Two semesters, August – December and January – May, constitute a course “year”. Apprentices may only miss one Saturday per semester and all absences must be documented with the coordinator’s office (including scheduling absences prior to class and follow up for emergency absences). Apprentices can be reverted back six months in the program and suffer an hourly pay reduction or expulsion for repeated absences. Failure to successfully complete a semester will also result in reversion in program and pay status.

Additional education

All apprentices are also enrolled in a degree program with IVY Tech Community College. The courses are taught by accredited professors in the following subject areas: Human Relations; Labor History; Technical Writing, and Financial Management. Upon completion of the apprentice program, the successful learner will receive the Iron Worker Journeyman Certification, a certificate from DDL, and an Associates Degree from IVY Tech (equivalent to a two-year degree earned by a full time student!)

On the job training

Instruction received in the classroom is used to further the apprentice education with on the job application. Apprentices are dispatched, as work is available, to work on job sites and are able to apply classroom learning while enhancing overall skills and knowledge. Apprentices are able to combine information learned in the classroom, the experienced gained on the job, and the additional education on related subjects like writing and financial management to become well-rounded journeyman iron workers.