Compensation & Benefits

Apprentice Terms & Wages

Apprentices start at 60% of the journeyman’s wage. As of June, 2017, this hourly rate is $ 18.38 Every six months, apprentices receive a 5% increase in that hourly rate or roughly an additional $1 per hour. The increases continue until the apprentice reaches 95% of the journeyman’s wage and this hourly rate then is static until completion of the program.


Apprentices become eligible for health & welfare benefits after working for five (5) months and accumulating (500) hours in that working period. Once the requirments are met, benefits start on the first day of the sixth month. Benefits include: hospital, prescriptions, and medical insurance for the apprentice and dependents. Additionally, a pension, annuity, and disability fund are setup for each benefits-qualified apprentice. These benefits, worth approximately another $ 21.00 per hour, provide additional incentives to apply to the program.